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  • Noah Frohn, Fri Nov 15 2019

  • The ultimate guide for your website conversion optimization. Generate significantly more leads in just a few steps.

  • Is your website designed for maximum conversion?

  • You have a lot of visitors on your website, but few of them convert into leads? We show you in this article how you can significantly improve your conversion in just a few steps.

  • The Landingpage

  • From experience, you should not redirect paid traffic to your normal website. In your advertising campaigns you define your target group very specifically, so that a normal redirection will leave many potential customers behind. Rather redirect your visitors to a landing page that offers your prospects only 2 options. Either the offer is perceived and the prospect converts into a lead or he jumps off the page. The decision process usually takes only a few seconds. Present your product or service centrally and clearly on your landing page to quickly pick up your prospects via a call-to-action.

    The GOKIXX page is an excellent example of this. The dark background creates a highly visible contrast, which draws attention to the font and the mockup. The headline is placed well visible centrally on the page. The words "exclusive" and "best" make the offer very attractive. The whole thing is strengthened by the lead, which connect the exclusivity with the word "free". An app mockup can be seen on the right. Website visitors can therefore immediately imagine something under the product. The last promising building block is not missing either. The call-to-action button. This is nicely visible in a signal color and immediately encourages clicking.

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  • The Hang & Over company can also be seen with its page. The headlines are very concisely worded and directly address the problems and needs of a general majority. At the same time, a discount for the product is displayed. The logos at the bottom show proof elements, which directly inspire confidence. We will go into more detail about these below. The "Buy" button immediately encourages people to buy.

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  • The home page

  • Never forget that you can also convert your organic traffic into very successful leads. In order to convert this effectively, your company website must be optimized for conversion. Central to your website is the home page. This is where most of the traffic comes from by default. It represents the center of your website and bundles all important information about your offer.

    For this reason, we will focus on the optimization of the homepage in the following.

  • The first look

  • When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, the first impression is of crucial importance. To make the first few seconds the best possible for your prospects, you should put yourself in the shoes of your target group. Address the problems of your target customers directly, for example in the form of a question.As a craftsman, you can write: " Do your craftsmen also always take longer than planned? "You can also use strong words to arouse the interest of your visitors, for example: "We'll be ready 2 weeks earlier! ".Make promises you can keep while centrally highlighting your USP.

    In addition to the headline, it's important to showcase your product or service. If the headline cannot communicate everything that is important for the sales process, graphics are usually the best choice. In the case of digital products, we recommend integrating mock-ups, whereas in the service sector you should work with images that evoke emotions.

  • How to present the product

  • On the start page, all important information should be presented in a well-structured manner. You should especially focus on the W-questions.

    • What is it about?/ What is the product or service?
    • Why should I need it?
    • How will it be used?

    In order to be able to answer these individual questions as clearly as possible, we recommend that you separate the individual content elements from one another. Furthermore, it is important to present the information in short and concise sentences. Remember that attention decreases diagonally downwards. So you should also adapt your offer presentation to this fact.

    Here you can see the website of Gigwork. They use different background colors to separate the individual contents. This way, the website visitors get a quick overview of the entire offer.

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  • Emotions through images

  • Pictures say more than 1000 words. You can use images to convey a wide variety of things to your prospects. For example, you can integrate images of your team or your work and thus build trust and closeness to your potential customers. On the other hand, you can use images that evoke feelings of happiness or compassion in your prospects. Statistics show, for example, that images of smiling people are the best at converting prospects into successful leads.

  • Call to Actions

  • Use specific call-to-actions for the individual content levels on your home page. For example, you can encourage your prospects to test your product or contact you right at the beginning. The important thing is that you adapt and optimize the customer journey even after the prospect has clicked.

    In addition, you should pay attention to your internal linking and give your visitors the opportunity to easily read specific information. For example, you can advertise behind small text passages with the call-to-action "Read more now" or "Learn more".

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  • The contact

  • In most cases, call-to-action buttons alone do not help. The decisive steps only happen afterwards. So also design the customer journey to the end. This can be, for example, a quick and easy online appointment booking or direct access to your software.

  • Trust-Elements

  • Strengthen the basis of trust with your potential customers by including trust icons or seals of approval on your home page. These can vary greatly in detail. From customer references to testimonials to a money-back guarantee seal, the sky's the limit. The most important thing is to show your prospects that others are already satisfied with the product or service and that the investment is safe.

    Promise only what you can deliver. The worst case scenario for your business is to disappoint your customers' expectations. Bad reviews in portals, like Proven Expert, quickly become a huge problem.

    The make it website uses a combination of elements. First, a series of testimonials are presented. These show potential buyers that previous customers were very satisfied with the product. At the same time, the testimonials go into detail and describe special unique selling points of make it. Below this, logos of well-known companies follow as references, which further strengthen the trust in your offer to potential new customers.

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  • Pay attention to your forms

  • There are several ways your prospects can communicate with you. Unfortunately, many websites still use traditional contact forms. Due to laziness and sensitivity about entering personal data, website visitors hardly interact with these forms anymore. You should use alternatives! Encourage your visitors to communicate and interact with you on their own. Since communication is always two-way, you should make sure to automate it. Use interactive request forms and get your visitors to become leads on their own. Automated communication creates a need in the customer, shows it to him directly and then satisfies it through feedback.The core business of Aroundhome or McMackler runs on interactive request forms, which act as lead generators. These companies were able to increase their sales exponentially through the central integration of the lead generator.Sign up here for the free version of the lead generator from smashleads™.

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  • The bottom

  • Lateral traffic has increased significantly in recent years. Through content marketing, content can quickly gain relevance and popularity through sharing. In short, you can also generate leads through your subpages or blog. So you should make sure to present all important information clearly and separate them from each other in terms of content. Give your prospects the opportunity to easily and quickly test your product or contact you. Experience has shown that the most important information and benefits of your subpage are always well received.

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