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  • Noah, Tue Mar 03 2020

  • The Corona Crisis. How to keep winning customers with your business.

  • In the course of the current situation with the Corona virus, companies are facing a multitude of obstacles and problems at the same time. On the one hand, companies have to make their processes home-office compatible in the shortest possible time; on the other hand, orders are falling away and there is a significant drop in demand. Security is now the focus. Completing current projects safely and keeping the company afloat are usually so much in the foreground that the acquisition of new customers or projects is often forgotten.

    In this article, we will show you various ways to generate new customers and orders automatically and thus ensure the survival of your company.

  • Profiting from the crisis situation - launching targeted marketing campaigns

    In bad times, as well as crises, companies have to rethink more radically and also break the traditional conventions in marketing.

    A decisive factor in the sale of products or services is the communication with the target group. So communicate how your product or service can help your customers in the Corona crisis. To do this, you should create campaigns that specifically address the current needs, fears or concerns of your target group and show the customer how you can solve them.

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  • This can perhaps be illustrated a little better with an example. The company CFgO provides a digital solution for accounting. In times like the Corona crisis, it is therefore likely that most companies no longer have time for directional changes in accounting. However, CFgO was able to change this through clever campaigns. They specifically addressed the issue of corporate liquidity and how it can be better monitored through CFgO's software solution. Through emotional headlines and lead stories, a very high interaction rate could be achieved.

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  • What campaigns can you create?

    Ad campaigns can be created in minutes using social media or Google. How to create an ad can be read here. The texts in the campaigns should be emotional and address the central problems and fears of your target group.

    Don't write too much and include all important information concisely.

    Work with upsells and use targeted lead magnets. A lead magnet is a product that offers the customer added value. To get this product, the customer pays with his lead information.

    Lead magnets in the Corona crisis can be, for example:

    • Blog on "Your product in the Corona crisis".
    • Special situation webinars
    • Free courses or tutorials and much more...

    Campaigns with images

    If you launch an image campaign, use emotional images that encourage your target group to interact. Important here is: Use only images with a high quality.

    Campaigns with videos

    Here you have a wide range of options for communicating with your target group. Benefits are, for example, interviews about the current situation and how your service can help. Other possibilities are image film campaigns with a more commercial atmosphere, but also explanatory videos, which are animated offer a very good opportunity. Here, too, attention should be paid to the quality of the material.

  • Which page should visitors be redirected to?

    To ensure that as many people and companies as possible can be won over as new customers from your campaign visitors, you should forward them to a special landing page.

    The landing page should also address the current situation and briefly and concisely communicate the added value of your solution to the customer. You can find out how to create the perfect landing page here.

    A small hint: Make sure the design is appealing, but do not neglect the technical factors of the landing page. If the loading time is too long, many of your visitors will quickly bounce back.If you don't have time to create a new landing page, you can also adapt your existing website in the way of communication.

  • Use interactive funnels - The most valued tool in times of crisis for more customers

    The added value of interactive forms:

    • Multiply the number of new customers
    • Save working time in sales and solve home office problem
    • Save money on advertising campaigns

    Multiply new customers with interactive forms despite Corona crisis

    In the current situation, we want to communicate our problems, fears and worries to others. We are particularly eager to communicate when we think that the problem or worry can be alleviated or even eliminated.

    As a company, you can make excellent use of this phenomenon by using interactive inquiry forms on your landing page. If visitors come to the page via your campaigns, they will automatically interact with the form and become your new customers at a very high rate. The most important thing in communication here is to specifically address the needs of your target group in the interactive form as well and give them the feeling that it is being satisfied.

    Good content goes viral

    You can always see on social media how unique Corona Virus websites go viral quickly. Create unique inquiry forms about the current situation and embed it on a landing page that also goes viral! On social media, the hashtags #Covid19 and #Coronavirus are spreading exponentially.

  • Facilitate the acquisition of new customers in the home office

    Home office is a new work situation for many companies, to which the changeover came very quickly and unexpectedly. It is very important for companies to automate as many processes as possible.

    With the lead generator from smashleads™ you have the possibility to automate your lead generation and lead generation and to boost your conversion at the same time. Using intelligent and interactive inquiry forms, companies can pre-qualify new leads automatically and process them efficiently via CRM systems. The information about each individual lead saves you a lot of time and phone calls.Another automation is, for example, a product configurator.

    In the first step, website visitors have the opportunity to configure their product using the intelligent forms and then an automatic recommendation is made.Connect the smashleads™ lead generator with Mailchimp, for example, so you have the option of sending automated email chains to the incoming leads.

  • The conclusion: rethinking is required!

    In order to be able to continue winning new customers even in worse times, a rethink must take place, especially in marketing and sales. The focus is always on communication with the target group. Communication that also starts from the target group and the customers ensures that new leads are generated successfully. Start today and create your first interactive inquiry form for free in just a few minutes and reach your customers again!

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