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  • Christian Temming, Tue Jan 21 2020

  • News: Find out why you have low conversion on your forms.

  • When you create the request form, the best way to avoid losing a customer along the way is to put yourself in the shoes of your website visitor. Especially in the time of data protection scandals and mass surveillance in many countries of the world, people have become more sensitive in dealing with their data and question the necessity of every single piece of information. It is clear that different services and products have different information requirements. More information is required for an insurance quote than for a newsletter subscription.

    Accordingly, consumers become suspicious when, in the latter case, five additional fields are requested in addition to the e-mail address. Often, mandatory (*) and optional information are marked.But why should your customer reveal all this data just so he can read the newsletter? Why should he fill in optional information at all? In addition, the effort of filling out a long lead form quickly seems greater than the benefit that your customers expect from it.

    So, from a simple cost-benefit calculation, it follows: most prospects respond by abandoning. Therefore, the question of what data and information is requested is essential for your conversion. A simple rule of thumb helps with this question: What information is indispensable, apart from contact information such as the e-mail address and sales-relevant product information? This way alone, you can significantly increase your conversion.