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  • Noah Frohn, Mon Oct 26 2020

  • Up to 423% more seller leads for real estate agents.

  • Generate leads and relax at the same time?
    Yes you can!

  • Generating new customers or leads is always associated with a lot of time and effort for you as a real estate agent? In this article, we show you various measures that you should implement to optimize your new customer acquisition and lead generation permanently.

    The basis is laid with your own website. If you don't have one yet, we recommend you to prioritize this project and start it soon. You can quickly and easily create a website yourself via Worpdress, Wix and Jimdo or you can hire an agency. If you need help finding a suitable agency, feel free to contact us.

  • The most important things for your website summarized once:

  • 1. your website should have a fast loading time. You can check this once via Google Page Speed and improve it directly based on the feedback: Google Page SpeedIf the loading time is too long, too many of your visitors will bounce right back without taking notice of your offer. At the same time, a long loading time has a negative effect on the search engine ranking in Google.

    2 The second important point is the design. Make sure that your site has a modern design and is coherent. Your website should look serious and professional, so that the potential customer can build trust and knows that he is in good hands with you.

    Very good working design examples can be found at McMakler or Aroundhome.

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  • If you meet the basic requirements mentioned above, you can use these 6 methods to generate new leads on a permanent basis.

  • 2. SEO website

  • Someone who wants to sell his property usually searches for suitable offers via search engines, for example by entering "sell house in Cologne" in Google. The aim of this measure is that you appear high up in the search results, so that the potential customer can also find your page. The search terms that your potential customers enter are called keywords. In order for your website to be found among the keywords, you should optimize your site for the search engines, in short SEO. You can find many good articles on the Internet and many different tools to work with. If you want to deal with it yourself, you get here our recommendation with valuable contributions.

  • 3. Social media advertising

  • Do you want to generate traffic to your website quickly and easily? Then you can start social media marketing in just a few steps and with little investment. There are numerous social networks, so you can choose one of them. Start with just one network in the beginning. If you already have a Facebook account, we recommend that you start with Facebook Ads. Through Facebook campaigns, you can reach many people in your target audience for less than 10 euros. If you want to learn how to create an ad that works great in 20 minutes, you should read this article.

    You'd rather hire an agency?
    No problem.Assessment: Social media marketing is very efficient. You usually get the investment back after a very short time. However, if you want to put yourself in the hands of an agency, there is a big risk of becoming dependent. On the other hand, the training can be very time-consuming and requires a basic understanding of social media.

    Tipp: Choose a combination of both: Acquire the necessary knowledge and find an agency that accompanies and supports your activities.

  • 4. Content-Marketing

  • Content marketing is all about generating new leads completely automatically in the long term with good content. Here, too, we have previously written various articles on this topic. The basic idea is as follows: You publish high-quality content on your website or on your social media channels that offers your readers added value. This increases the relevance of your page and more and more people find their way to it.

    You can provide different types of content:

    • A blog about real estate
    • Case studies of successfully sold properties
    • Infographics
    • Whitepapers
    • Ebooks
    • Videos

    Assessment: If you want to gain long-term relevance and build sustainable traffic, you can't avoid content marketing. Concentrate on one thing at first and start slowly. You will see the first successes after just a few months.

  • 5. Interactive evaluation forms

  • You now have many visitors on your site and enjoy a certain reach? Then the next step is to optimize your website so that the largest possible proportion of visitors also become new leads.In short, what is a lead? A lead is a qualified prospect who is interested in your offer and leaves you his contact details.

    Step 1 for more leads: Offer free added value. If you implement method 4, then you automatically offer your visitors free added value. In return, you can ask for the readers' email address, for example, to send them the latest real estate valuation ebook.

    However, the lead generator works best for seller leads. Using an interactive real estate valuation form, which you can integrate centrally on your site in just a few steps, you are able to convert more website visitors into new leads than with any other method. If you want to learn more about interactive inquiry forms or create an evaluation form for free, you can read more here.

    Assessment: Lead generation via your own website is mandatory. In just a few steps you can bring your website to a very good state and optimize it for lead generation. Start with interactive evaluation forms and generate more seller leads than ever before.

  • 6. Evaluation marketing

  • Before making a purchase or contacting a real estate agent, almost all people inform themselves on the Internet. Reviews play a prominent role in this process. These have a very strong influence on the customer's decision. If potential buyers see many recommendations, for example, the probability is very high that they will become your new customers.

    After a successful sale, you should ask both parties to write a small review. As a broker, use Immoscout or Provenexpert, for example, and create targeted surveys that can be answered in just a few minutes.
    So don't forget to ask for an evaluation after every successful sale! Assessment: Little effort, no or only low costs, great effect.

  • Conclusion and overview:

  • We have given you the most efficient and best methods of how you can continuously generate new customers as a broker with as little effort as possible.Our recommendation to you:

    Try all methods once. After a short time you can then decide for yourself which methods have a greater impact on your new customer acquisition and which do not.

    • Not convinced yet? Just test 14 days for free! No payment data required

    • Customer satisfaction is our first priority! Just write us anytime and we will try to find a solution!